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The isotopic mechanics behind arsenopyrite and pyrite for dating Au mineralization are presented.

These veins are characterized by a principal quartz-sulfide stage containing quartz, base metal sulfides, and siderite and a subsequent dominant calcite-fluorite-quartz stage.

Rb-Sr analyses were performed on untreated granulometric fractions, HCl-treated residues, corresponding HCl leachates, and cogenetic vein minerals obtained from two silicified rock samples related to the quartz-sulfide and the calcite-fluorite-quartz mineralization, respectively.

A method is evaluated that enables the dating of binary isotopic paleomixing in hydrothermal alteration assemblages by iterative reconstruction and regression of corresponding two-component mixing lines from conventional Rb-Sr data.

The model has been applied to illite-bearing granulometric fractions of hydrothermally altered sedimentary rocks associated with epithermal vein mineralization in the eastern Harz Mountains, Germany.

How we assign relative and absolute time to metal-moving processes is combined with presentation of radiometric clocks important to dating ore minerals.

The assumptions inherent in single mineral model ages and isochrons are illustrated using the Re-Os system.

ABSTRACT: Rhenium-osmium (Re-Os) dating of sulfides has transformed economic geology.

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