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This site has no affiliation with Brigham Young University Idaho.BYU-I Dating was started because of a study that was done by a professor at Brigham Young University.He came to me, in confidence, because he suspected that she may have been dealing with an eating disorder or substance abuse problem as well as UC.He explained that after starting each meal, she would excuse herself and go to the bathroom.The study focused on relationships, over 50 students were interviewed in the process.There were some very important things that were found out that we thought were valuable to share with others. We also share funny date stories that we will share and post for our viewers.

The man, having no idea why those trips would have anything to do with her IBD, came up with a completely different conclusion.When you feel it’s time to share your chronic illness with the person you’re dating, it will probably be at a time when you are more comfortable in the new relationship.He did not know that eating triggers the digestive mechanisms of the body and therefore, some IBD patients have a need to use the bathroom after starting a meal.Don’t assume that everyone understands your chronic illness. Sometimes patients believe that they are explaining their disease or answering the questions by saying “I have IBD.” So looking again at the above scenario, the woman thought she was being open and forthcoming with her health issue and that she had offered a reason for her trips to the ladies room.A good friend of mine came to me for advice a few years ago.

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